IBM i Modernization

Don’t Rebuild – IBM i Application Modernization Will Save You Money

Written by: William Chase, General | 12th December | 0 Comment(s)

IBM i Application Modernization Most companies still use legacy applications – applications that were of an older version – and legacy software still forms a critical component of the operations [...]

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Hosting Services

First Option Improves Hosting Services With Collaboration – written by Jim Utsler

Written by: Tricia Fuller, General | 05th November | 0 Comment(s)

Hosting Services The one thing most successful companies have in common? Foresight—whether that’s offering diversified solutions, improving back-end processing, cultivating an increasingly differ [...]

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IBMi Software Development

IBM i Software Development

Written by: Tricia Fuller, General | 09th October | 0 Comment(s)

Need Help with IBM i Software Development Projects? First Option is an IBM i software development company with a passion for solving critical business needs.  For the past 20 years we have hoste [...]

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Cloud Printing

IBM i Hosting

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Hosted Customers | 14th March | 0 Comment(s)

IBM i Hosting may be in your future!   As many of you already know, IBM plans to discontinue Hardware Support for Power 5 Systems as well as any older systems. The date is scheduled for J [...]

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iSeries Application Support

iSeries Application Support

Written by: Tricia Fuller, General | 09th February | 0 Comment(s)

iSeries Application Support  Now that business confidence is up we are seeing companies approach us for iSeries Application Support services.  Many of these companies have specific projects t [...]

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iSeries Software and Support

Happy New Year from First Option (iSeries Software and Support)

Written by: Tricia Fuller, General | 04th January | 0 Comment(s)

Happy New Year from your iSeries Software and Support Partner!   All of us at First Option want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and support in 2018.   May the New Year bring us mor [...]

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IT Consulting and Programming

First Option expands IBM iSeries services with mindSHIFT

Written by: Tricia Fuller, General | 14th July | 0 Comment(s)

First Option expands IBM iSeries services portfolio    About First Option As IT technology has evolved, it might seem counterintuitive to put resources behind maintaining and modernizing legacy I [...]

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Searching for an IBM i Cloud Hosting Provider

Written by: Tricia Fuller, General | 04th May | 0 Comment(s)

Here are some tips for searching for an IBM i Cloud Hosting Provider: Make sure you go with a IBM i Cloud provider with an established track record and software expertise.   How long [...]

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Cloud Printing

IBM i Cloud Hosting Provider’s

Written by: Tricia Fuller, General | 27th April | 0 Comment(s)

Your IBM i administrator/programmer has just announced retirement.  She is a 30 year veteran that performs your backups, server management, and knows your application.  She is also a key player [...]

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First Option IBM i (iSeries) Accounting Software

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Financial Software | 13th April | 0 Comment(s)

IBM i (iSeries)  Accounting Software by First Option Every success story has its foundations in challenges and failures, and nothing great can be achieved without perseverance and hard work. This [...]

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