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Management Tools:

  • Multi-corporate, divisional, departmental and job structure.
  • Concurrent period processing.
  • Instantaneous General Ledger update.
  • Powerful check writing capabilities.
  • Electronic disbursements.
  • Check reconciliation.
  • Instantaneous retrieval of vendor data via inquiries.
    • Aged accounts payable by vendor.
    • Detailed invoice and payment ledger.
    • Drill down to PO receipts as applicable.
    • 12 month purchase and discount history.
    • Check History.
  • Vendor 1099 reporting.
  • Automated intercompany accounting and distribution of expenses.
  • Supervisory management of entry/edit/update functions.
  • Purchase Order# reporting sub-system.
  • Security module limits access by user/menu option.
  • User/Entity security at the Corp/Div/Dept/Job/Acct# levels.


  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Desktop Integration.
  • Simplified data entry provides single entry update to related files.
    • On-Line batch control totals and verification of all vendor data.
    • Predefined vendor defaults -division, department, job, payment terms, discount percentage.
    • Duplicate invoice and manual check detection.
    • Simultaneous entry for multiple accounting periods.
    • Unlimited expense distributions per invoice.
    • Invoice temporary hold, hold or pay immediate status.
    • Intercompany assignment of payables.
    • Automatic allocation of expenses according to predetermined percentages.
    • Multi-currency entry.
    • Recurring accounts payable entry -variable frequencies.
    • Invoice line comment entry.
    • Manual Check entry.
    • Void check procedure.
    • One-time vendor name entry for manual checks.
    • Temporary vendors for computer checks.
    • Quick Check processing.
  • Check & Electronic Payment Processing.
    • Optional selection by cutoff due date.
    • Partial and on-account payments.
    • Multiple checks per vendor as requested.
    • Visual selection and approval mode.
    • Check reprint capability.
    • Electronic payment remittance advices.
    • Check Reconciliation sub-system.
  • Comprehensive vendor inquiries.
    • Accessible by vendor#, name, invoice# and check#.
    • Vendor open invoices.
    • Aged accounts payable.
    • 12 month vendor purchases and discounts history.
    • Detailed check history.
  • Purchase and Disbursement Journal Inquiries.
  • Flexible month end closing.


  • Open Accounts Payable reports.
    • Detail and summary listings available.
    • Current open invoices or due date selection.
    • Cash requirements.
    • Month end A/P schedule.
  • Monthly Purchase and Disbursements Journals -detail & summary.
  • Monthly check registers.
  • Detailed vendor ledger history.
  • 12 month vendor activity.
  • Check reconciliation listings.
  • Cash in Bank Reconciliation.
  • Vendor 1099 forms and reporting.
  • Purchase Order# reporting.

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