General Ledger in the Cloud

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Management Tools:

  • Multi corporate, divisional, departmental and job structure.
  • Standard chart of accounts shared by all entities.
  • Automated inter-company accounting.
  • Multifaceted reporting:
    • 999 user-defined financial statement formats.
    • Report cloning capability.
    • Multi-level detail and summary listings.
    • Variable consolidations.
    • Fiscal year crossover reporting.
    • Comparative reporting - current versus prior year.
    • Predefined report selections and descriptions.
    • Report Writer.
  • Immediate access to inquiries.
    • P&L and Balance Sheet - multi-level.
    • Account detail.
    • Subsidiary journal detail.
    • Drill down to journal entry detail.
  • Comprehensive budget sub-system.
    • Multi-year budgets/forecasts with allocation options.
    • Detailed monthly budgeting by account.
    • Forecast revision entry and history.
    • Multiple forecast versions.
    • Budget/forecast cloning with % increase/decrease.
    • Ongoing update of actual to forecast.
    • Reporting includes actual vs. budget, actual vs. forecast and budget vs. forecast.
    • Predefined report selections and descriptions.
  • Automatic or manual allocation of expenses across cost center boundaries.
  • User-controlled fiscal closing and reopening cycle with automatic regeneration of opening balances.
  • Security module limits access by user/menu option and Corporation/Division/Department/Job/Account.


  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Desktop Integration.
  • On-line verification of all input.
  • Multi-period processing.
  • Standard, recurring and automatic reversing entries.
  • High speed data entry via contra account processing.
  • Automatic or manual allocation of G/L entries across corporate/divisional/departmental/job entities.
  • Detailed account audit trails.
  • Interim financial statements.


  • Chart of Accounts
    • Actual, budget and forecast listings.
  • Detailed General Ledger
    • Available for any contiguous period.
    • Select accounts, journals and/or JE descriptions.
    • Prior month balance forward option.
  • Trial Balance
    • 12 month spread analysis for all or selected accounts.
    • Corporate, divisional, departmental, and job listings.
  • Financial Statements:
    • Balance Sheet.
    • Profit & Loss statement.
    • Two year comparative data.
    • Selective or full consolidation.
    • Divisional, departmental and job level P&Ls.
    • Complete supporting data.
    • One step selection of all reports for processing.
    • User defined report descriptions.
  • Budgeting:
    • Monthly budget variance.
    • Actual/budget performance analysis with quarterly projections.
    • Actual vs. budget, actual vs. forecast and budget vs. forecast comparative reporting.
    • Budget worksheet.
    • Budget change history.

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General Ledger in the Cloud

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