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Management Tools:

  • Multi-corp, multi-warehouse capability.
  • Automatic retrieval of last cost and purchasing unit of measure data.
  • Purchasing and receiving history maintained by vendor and by product.
  • Critical stocking reporting.
  • Departmental requisition sub-system.
  • User-defined supervisory level controls.
  • Fully integrated with the FIRST OPTION FINANCIALS Inventory Control, Accounts Payable and General Ledger Cloud Accounting Software.


  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Desktop Integration.
  • System-assigned P.O. numbers - a set for all or individual corporations.
  • Optional use of vendor's product# on purchase order.
  • Ability to order non-inventory items.
  • Standard P.O. text and variable comments.
  • Standard P.O. charges.
  • Ability to link customer orders to P.O.S to expedite receipt processing.
  • Variable purchasing and pricing units of measure.
  • Exception basis receipts processing reduces keying time.
  • Multiple receipts against one P.O.
  • Back order and cancel processing for unshipped items
  • Adjustable costing at receipt time.
  • Direct update to on-hand quantities and average cost.
  • Optional Accounts Payable interface.
  • Purchasing history inquiry on open, closed, and in progress P.O.S.
  • P.O. historical analysis inquiries - 24 months.
  • On-line costing history by product and vendor.
  • Requisition sub-system:
    • Tracks inventory and purchase requisitions.
    • Departmentalized requisition entry.
    • Departmental profile of products most commonly ordered.
    • High speed entry based on departmental product profile.
    • Requisition status inquiry.
    • G/L interface for inventory requisitions.


  • Purchase Orders.
  • Open purchases - by product or vendor.
  • Purchase Order History Report.
  • Overdue Purchase Orders.
  • Critical stocking level reporting.
  • Departmental requisition status.
  • Overdue Purchase Orders.
  • P.O. historical analysis reporting by product, vendor, warehouse, product category and agent.

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