March Newsletter

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Newsletters | 09th March | 0 Comment(s)

First Option has a lot of exciting news this month! In this issue: We are in the process of Modernizing the Financial Software Have rolled out a new Help Desk and Support System Updated WebCheck [...]

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Tax Reform Act 2012

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Financial Software | 23rd February | 0 Comment(s)

Payroll Update The employee fica rate of 4.2% has been extended for the rest of the year.  Since the rate was changed to 4.2% permanently for the January to February period you will not need any pro [...]

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iSeries V5R4 Operating System

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Uncategorized | 17th February | 0 Comment(s)

IBM announces Operating System V5R4 Software Maintenance support will end September 30, 2013. [...]

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Payroll Tax Holiday Extended

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Financial Software | | 0 Comment(s)

The Congress and Senate have passed the payroll tax cut bill and it is headed for the President's signature. With this bill, the employee fica tax rate would remain at 4.2% until the end of the year. [...]

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Upgrade Scheduled for our iSeries Hosted Customers

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Hosted Customers | 07th February | 0 Comment(s)

On Sunday February 19th after the month end back up, we have scheduled the Financial application (formerly Daprex) upgrade.  The upgrade will start at 9:00AM Sunday morning and will take 6-8 hours.  [...]

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Webcheck now has a new look!

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Financial Software | 06th February | 0 Comment(s)

We have replaced the old template with the First Option template used on all our websites.   Go to and click on Webcheck new template Demo.   [...]

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Roll Out of Help Desk Software

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Financial Software | 26th January | 0 Comment(s)

On January 25th First Option had a webinar regarding the roll out of our new Help Desk Software. The recorded webinar is now available at the following link [...]

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Financial Software Customer Webinar

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Financial Software | 17th January | 0 Comment(s)

Please click the link below to register for our webinar on January 25th at 1:00 EST. The purpose of the webinar is to roll out the new First Option Help Desk Software. Agenda * How to Log in * View [...]

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More Detail Regarding the Fica Payroll Tax Holiday

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Payroll-Year End | 24th December | 0 Comment(s)

Under the terms negotiated by Congress, the law also includes a new “recapture” provision, which applies only to those employees who receive more than $18,350 in wages during the two-month perio [...]

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Payroll Tax Holiday has been extended for two months.

Written by: Tricia Fuller, Payroll-Year End | 23rd December | 0 Comment(s)

As of today 12/23/11, the payroll tax holiday was extended for two months. The Fica rate will be 4.2% for January and February 2012 and then increase to 6.2% in March. [...]

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