Case Study – iSeries Application Development

iSeries Application Development
iSeries Application Development

A leading provider of laundry facilities management services to both multi-family and academic housing sectors acquired another company in the same industry. A critical business requirement, an expanded multi-page check stub modification, was needed for the newly combined customer base.

Some of the information was documented but some needed to be learned from analyzing the legacy code.   The company was concerned due to the complexity and age of the application(s) that the knowledge transfer with the existing team would impact their current workload.


First Option's strategy was to meet with the team to gain knowledge of library structures, naming conventions, testing environments, object promotion processes as well as the functional purpose of the applications.  The approach was to do this by focusing on information that was required to complete the check modification.  The meetings had to be scheduled and, of duration, that did not impact the teams' day to day activities.  They still had a job to do.

The meetings were limited to 60 minutes and First Option documented and verified information after each session.  By the third meeting, First Option had a plan to complete the check modification.  The plan was reviewed by the company and First Option, some tweaks made, and construction began.

First Option completed the first pass of the modification and presented it to the team.  Shortly after, the end users were processing test data and validating the information.  When customer acceptance of the modification was received, it was successfully moved into production.

First Option became a productive member of the company's technical staff in a short period of time.   An important modification was moved into production which met a critical business need and reduced customer inquiry calls.  The company is now looking into opportunities to apply this enhancement to the rest of the customer base
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