Accounts Payable in the Cloud

Proper management of Accounts Payable in the Cloud can increase your company's profitability, prevent costly errors and save time. The high speed, user friendly data entry programs perform on-line verification of all input, thereby reducing the possibility of errors, preventing duplicate payments and insuring accurate General Ledger data. Cash requirements can be analyzed in minutes, allowing you to take advantage of available discounts.

Extensive inquiries provide immediate access to vital vendor information, including a detailed invoice and payment history. Integration with the FIRST OPTION FINANCIALS (formerly Daprex)  Purchasing, Fixed Assets and General Ledger applications supplies the necessary links to ensure accurate data flowing across the database.

Management Tools:

  • Multi-corporate, divisional, departmental and job structure.
  • Concurrent period processing.
  • Instantaneous General Ledger update.
  • Powerful check writing capabilities.
  • Electronic disbursements.
  • Check reconciliation.
  • Instantaneous retrieval of vendor data via inquiries.
    • Aged accounts payable by vendor.
    • Detailed invoice and payment ledger.
    • Drill down to PO receipts as applicable.
    • 12 month purchase and discount history.
    • Check History.
  • Vendor 1099 reporting.
  • Automated intercompany accounting and distribution of expenses.
  • Supervisory management of entry/edit/update functions.
  • Purchase Order# reporting sub-system.
  • Security module limits access by user/menu option.
  • User/Entity security at the Corp/Div/Dept/Job/Acct# levels.


  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Desktop Integration.
  • Simplified data entry provides single entry update to related files.
    • On-Line batch control totals and verification of all vendor data.
    • Predefined vendor defaults -division, department, job, payment terms, discount percentage.
    • Duplicate invoice and manual check detection.
    • Simultaneous entry for multiple accounting periods.
    • Unlimited expense distributions per invoice.
    • Invoice temporary hold, hold or pay immediate status.
    • Intercompany assignment of payables.
    • Automatic allocation of expenses according to predetermined percentages.
    • Multi-currency entry.
    • Recurring accounts payable entry -variable frequencies.
    • Invoice line comment entry.
    • Manual Check entry.
    • Void check procedure.
    • One-time vendor name entry for manual checks.
    • Temporary vendors for computer checks.
    • Quick Check processing.
  • Check & Electronic Payment Processing.
    • Optional selection by cutoff due date.
    • Partial and on-account payments.
    • Multiple checks per vendor as requested.
    • Visual selection and approval mode.
    • Check reprint capability.
    • Electronic payment remittance advices.
    • Check Reconciliation sub-system.
  • Comprehensive vendor inquiries.
    • Accessible by vendor#, name, invoice# and check#.
    • Vendor open invoices.
    • Aged accounts payable.
    • 12 month vendor purchases and discounts history.
    • Detailed check history.
  • Purchase and Disbursement Journal Inquiries.
  • Flexible month end closing.


  • Open Accounts Payable reports.
    • Detail and summary listings available.
    • Current open invoices or due date selection.
    • Cash requirements.
    • Month end A/P schedule.
  • Monthly Purchase and Disbursements Journals -detail & summary.
  • Monthly check registers.
  • Detailed vendor ledger history.
  • 12 month vendor activity.
  • Check reconciliation listings.
  • Cash in Bank Reconciliation.
  • Vendor 1099 forms and reporting.
  • Purchase Order# reporting.


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Accounts Payable in the Cloud

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