General Ledger in the Cloud

General Ledger in the Cloud is the heart of the FIRST OPTION FINANCIALS (formerly Daprex) applications, serving both corporate and not-for-profit institutions. It validates and collects data from all the integrated systems, resulting in a comprehensive database for all financial analysis. The ability to run monthly financial statements enables management to keep a finger on the pulse of the ever changing financial status. Detailed current, historical, budget and forecast data is maintained for comparative reporting.

The General Ledger's flexible framework lets you mirror your own structure, providing the means by which to present the data according to internal reporting requirements. A comprehensive set of on-demand reports and inquiries combined with a powerful, yet easy to use system, furnishes crucial financial information on an as needed basis. Complete integration with the other FIRST OPTION FINANCIALS (formerly Daprex) applications assures accurate and timely recording of financial data.

Management Tools:

  • Multi corporate, divisional, departmental and job structure.
  • Standard chart of accounts shared by all entities.
  • Automated inter-company accounting.
  • Multifaceted reporting:
    • 999 user-defined financial statement formats.
    • Report cloning capability.
    • Multi-level detail and summary listings.
    • Variable consolidations.
    • Fiscal year crossover reporting.
    • Comparative reporting - current versus prior year.
    • Predefined report selections and descriptions.
    • Report Writer.
  • Immediate access to inquiries.
    • P&L and Balance Sheet - multi-level.
    • Account detail.
    • Subsidiary journal detail.
    • Drill down to journal entry detail.
  • Comprehensive budget sub-system.
    • Multi-year budgets/forecasts with allocation options.
    • Detailed monthly budgeting by account.
    • Forecast revision entry and history.
    • Multiple forecast versions.
    • Budget/forecast cloning with % increase/decrease.
    • Ongoing update of actual to forecast.
    • Reporting includes actual vs. budget, actual vs. forecast and budget vs. forecast.
    • Predefined report selections and descriptions.
  • Automatic or manual allocation of expenses across cost center boundaries.
  • User-controlled fiscal closing and reopening cycle with automatic regeneration of opening balances.
  • Security module limits access by user/menu option and Corporation/Division/Department/Job/Account.


  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Desktop Integration.
  • On-line verification of all input.
  • Multi-period processing.
  • Standard, recurring and automatic reversing entries.
  • High speed data entry via contra account processing.
  • Automatic or manual allocation of G/L entries across corporate/divisional/departmental/job entities.
  • Detailed account audit trails.
  • Interim financial statements.


  • Chart of Accounts
    • Actual, budget and forecast listings.
  • Detailed General Ledger
    • Available for any contiguous period.
    • Select accounts, journals and/or JE descriptions.
    • Prior month balance forward option.
  • Trial Balance
    • 12 month spread analysis for all or selected accounts.
    • Corporate, divisional, departmental, and job listings.
  • Financial Statements:
    • Balance Sheet.
    • Profit & Loss statement.
    • Two year comparative data.
    • Selective or full consolidation.
    • Divisional, departmental and job level P&Ls.
    • Complete supporting data.
    • One step selection of all reports for processing.
    • User defined report descriptions.
  • Budgeting:
    • Monthly budget variance.
    • Actual/budget performance analysis with quarterly projections.
    • Actual vs. budget, actual vs. forecast and budget vs. forecast comparative reporting.
    • Budget worksheet.
    • Budget change history.


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General Ledger in the Cloud

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