Your IBM i Administrator is Retiring – Time for Cloud Hosting?

Time for Cloud Hosting and Disaster Recovery Services?
Your IBM i administrator/programmer has just announced retirement.  She is a 30 year veteran that performs your backups, server management, and knows your application.  She is also a key player in your Disaster Recovery plan. 


This will be a very hard person to replace. Your best bet, may be to go to Cloud Hosting and add a Disaster Recovery Solution as well.


Based on the capital outlay and terms available for cloud hosting an IBM i Power Cloud solution makes sense.   It also works well with your future DR plans.


But, Are all IBM i Cloud hosting provider's the same?


The answer is no.


Each IBM i Cloud Hosting provider has their unique offerings and specialties. Some offer Tier levels so you may get in at different price points. Some are hardware vendors only and some are software providers as well. Each data center will be different and you want to pick a vendor that matches your particular needs and requirements. 


Pricing varies as well so make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at a quote. For example, number of interactive users, amount of disk, VPNs,  and 24x7 monitoring.


How often will backups be done, will they apply ptfs, do they utilize monitoring software in addition to a 24x7 NOC. What type of processor and how much memory will be available for your company?
No one ever wants to face a situation where their system is down for any amount of time especially long term. This could  mean the end for their business.
There is lots of talk in the industry regarding High Availability and Disaster Recovery services, especially after some of the terrible  declared disasters recently.
While everyone is in agreement of the need for these services not all businesses can afford a fully replicated system. First Option has come up with a service that is affordable and secure. This service allows you to achieve your RTO at a minimal cost.
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Leveraging our partnership with MindSHIFT, First Option offers cloud based IBM i disaster recovery. 
  • We use our shared Cloud Hosting environment for a fixed monthly fee.
  • This service provides access to a recovery site in case of a declared disaster.
Contact sales@localhost for more information or a free quote.