First Option Launches a New Website


1995 was the year that First Option came into existence. For 20 years, the company has provided exceptional IT solutions and custom programming services to small to mid-sized business around the globe.

First Option has launched a new website that in addition to providing reliable IT services, also offers services based exclusively on the IBM iSeries. Some of these services include, IBM i application hosting, IBM i Modernization, IBM i Monitoring and First Option Financials accounting software solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

IBM i Programming:

IBM i Programming services include:

  • Application Development:Businesses need software applications that complement their processes and procedures.  They must run smoothly and efficiently. First Option develops applications that meet your critical business needs while integrating seamlessly into your business structure.
  • Application Modernization: Legacy applications are feature rich with years of complex business rules that meet critical business needs. Application Modernization services incrementally upgrade the look and feel of the legacy application codeleveraging the existing code and protecting your investment.
  • Interface: Creating an effective connection between people, IT systems and the applications used in these systems, through understanding the demands of the users and business processes.
  • Software Integration:We help to integrate custom or established software packages into business systems according to the business needs.
  • Legacy Integration: As technology advances, it becomes necessary to integrate existing legacy software, which might contain a wealth of business data and process workflow logic, with new Java-based technology to keep the systems working smoothly.
  • Project Management: Co-ordination, regulation and management of all aspects of your project.


IBM i Application Hosting:

This service is for small to mid-sized businesses that operate on legacy software packages that they no longer are able to support. What First Option’s application hosting service provides is a reliable environment to host (i.e. install and execute your legacy applications) in a secure manner. If you need help managing your existing legacy software or improving it further, we provide those services too.

IBM i Monitoring:

This is a system monitoring solution provided by First Option using IBM i Watchdog. After setup, this solution provides centralized management to monitor system health. This system alerts staff to potential and critical problems that require an immediate response. Other functions the Watchdog includes are system problem interrogation, inquiry message interrogation and disk interrogation to name a few. This system work 24/7 to keep your business safe and secure.

First Option Financials:

First Option provides Cloud accounting software solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. These solutions contain several robust application tools that can be fully integrated with your business processes to form a solid accounting system. The data is stored on a secure, scalable and reliable IBM i system.

First Option’s new website indicates a new direction with regards to the progressive and advanced services and solutions it provides. If you are a small business looking for technologies and solutions to grow your company rapidly, you are at the right place.

The friendly, helpful team at First Option would love to assist you with all your IBM iSeries Application Development, hosting and more. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.