First Option Upgrading IBM i System to 7.3

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First Option Upgrading IBM i System to 7.3 Friday Nov 18th 2016

DataCente First Option IBM i Hosting Customers Scheduled Maintenance:
First Option has scheduled an IBM i system upgrade starting on Friday November 18th at 8:00 PM ET with the system back up Monday November 21 at 8:30 AM ET.  During the upgrade the users will not be able to sign onto the system.   The applications will not change but the operating system will be upgraded to 7.3 as well as increased memory and processor.
The IP for FOI400 and network connections will not change.  If a user is connecting remotely via an internet browser (Anyconnect), the IP address for the link will change.  The link will be provided when the upgrade is complete.  All updates regarding the upgrade will be communicated via the helpdesk home page.
Customers with IBM i 3rd party products have been contacted to get new license(s) code(s).  If you believe that you have an IBM i  3rd party product and have not been contacted, please enter a ticket via the helpdesk.

IBM i 7.3