High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
No one ever wants to face a situation where their system is down for any amount of time especially long term. This could  mean the end for their business.

There is lots of talk in the industry regarding High Availability and Disaster Recovery services, especially after some of the terrible  declared disasters recently.

While everyone is in agreement of the need for these services not all businesses can afford a fully replicated system. First Option has come up with a service that is affordable and secure. This service allows you to achieve your RTO at a minimal cost.
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Leveraging our partnership with MindSHIFT, First Option offers cloud based IBM i  High Availability and Disaster Recovery. 
  • We use our shared environment for a fixed monthly fee.
  • This service provides access to a recovery site in case of a declared disaster.


First Option Inc. has been in business for over 22 years, specializing in the AS400 (iSeries) environment. With offices in Boston and Phoenix, First Option serves customers across a broad range of industries including software, financial, telecommunications, nonprofit, asset management, textile, retail and legal. 

Over the years, First Option has built our  portfolio of outsourced IT services to keep pace with the changes and demands of the market. In 2001, First Option began offering iSeries Cloud Hosting services to our customers and business partners. 

Today, many IT providers have begun offering iSeries Cloud Hosting Services but not all iSeries Cloud hosting provides are the same. What makes First Option different is that we are a software provider as well and have a strategic partnership with MindSHIFT to ensure our customers have the best data center environment and 24x7 support 365 days per year. 

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