IBM i Hosting Dedicated Environment

In a First Option IBM i Hosting dedicated environment, an LPAR or system is allocated for your application. Companies that have specific OS, system value, and/or backup requirements are the ideal candidate for this option.

First Option IBM i hosting solutions provides a secure and reliable environment to install and execute your application. We also provide world class professional services to maintain and enhance your existing software. You can choose the level of service that best suits your business requirements.

Save money by using First Option's equipment and resources to manage  your iSeries.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Your company is the only company connecting to the environment.
  • Ability to have custom scheduled backups and maintenance.
  • Ability to have custom operating system upgrades and fix applications.
  • More flexibility in administrative tasks.


IBM i Hosting

We provide the following:

Helpdesk Services:

  • We maintain User Profiles and Maintenance.
  • Printer assignment and restarts.
  • Resolve locked up and runaway jobs.
  • IBM PTF's (fixes).
  • Nightly back ups.
  • Confirmation of back ups.


Operational Services - Performed several times daily:

  • Systems are up and operational.
  • No problems reported from peripherals.
  • Error Detection.
  • Disk functionality and utilization.
  • Problem determinations, resolutions, escalations.

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