IBM i Monitoring Software – New Version Release

IBM i Monitoring Software

New Version Release of IBM i Monitoring Software.

IBM i Watchdog by First Option is a an IBM i (iSeries, AS 400) monitoring solution that provides centralized management via a user friendly interface for key system health threshold alert definitions, day, time and duration to suspend monitoring to accommodate scheduled maintenance, customized email groups for routing of informational and inquiry messages to a pre-defined support team.

New Enhancements in Version 4.0

  • User Interface - Using Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework in the world, the application has a new look and is mobile aware.
  • User Interface - Only Show Systems w/ issues - Prior to this modification, a specific system OR all systems were displayed. For customers monitoring multiple LPARs, they will have the option to limit the list to those systems requiring attention.
  • CPU Monitoring - Capture list of top jobs responsible for sending the CPU % above its threshold.
  • Subsystem/Job Alerts - Ability to send message if a job queue/job is not running at a specified time OR job is still running. This allows the user to monitor if a mission critical application (e.g., EDI, Order processing, etc.) is active. It also allows the user to monitor if a time sensitive job (e.g., billing, invoice creation, etc.) is taking longer than anticipated causing delays in the following processes.
  • Security Audit Log (QAUDJRN) Monitoring - Using QAUDJRN, this enhancement will send an alert when a System Value or user profile is changed.
  • Threshold duration for DASD usage - For jobs that create temporary work files and then remove them when the process is completed, this will allow the user to only send an alert when the DASD has exceeded the threshold for a user specified amount of time.
  • Reporting - New reporting abilities using DB2 Web Query that includes historical reporting, and trend analysis.

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IBM i Monitoring Software