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Nearly 60% of cyberattacks affect small and medium-sized businesses.

*2019 Investigations Report by Verizon

New Offering Through Ricoh USA - BullWall RansomCare

RansomCare (Ricoh) is a new and innovative technology that from a central server installation (Agentless), detects ransomware attacks by looking into the heuristics of your actual data files from i.e. word, excel, pdf. etc., stored on your entire storage platform and in the cloud.

Here's a summary of how it works:


In a scenario where a Ransomware bypasses your existing security solutions, it will encrypt 7,000-10,000 files per minute. BullWall RansomCare is specifically designed to quickly detect a potential outbreak.

• Monitors your file shares, not your endpoints
• Looks for rapid changes to common data files such as Word Excel and PDF etc.
• On detecting illegitimate encryption immediately raises an alert


Once an alert is raised, an automated response can be triggered to shut down the endpoint that initiated the outbreak.

• Takes the infected device off the network
• Encryption stops instantly, before it spreads to the rest of the shared files
• Wide range of isolation methods can be utilized, such as disable VPN, disable AD-user, disable NAC, and forced shutdown.


BullWall RansomCare offers businesses a simple and speedy data-recovery concept, providing an exact list of the few files infected before the forced shutdown that needs to be restored from your backup.

• Reduces potential downtime by identifying the exact files that need to be recovered
• Backup restoration can be done manually or via integration
• Saves you valuable time with minimal recovery cost.


BullWall RansomCare keeps a detailed history of file changes within your organization. In case of an outbreak, this built-in reporting features offers advanced playback of the log, which allows you to easily study all details.

• Records exact time of attack (beginning to end)
• Identifies compromised user and device, listing all affected files and their owner
• Easy export incident report to share with key stakeholders and data authorities

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