Save Money on iSeries Monitoring Software

iSeries Monitoring

If you are looking to save money on your iSeries monitoring software, First Option may be able to help. 

Watchdog by First Option is an iSeries monitoring software solution that provides centralized management via a user friendly interface for key system health threshold alert definitions, day, time and duration to suspend monitoring to accommodate scheduled maintenance, customized email groups for routing of informational and inquiry messages to a pre-defined support team. 

It is ideally suited for Data Centers and companies with multiple iSeries LPARS. 

A color coded screen alerts NOC staff to critical problems that require an immediate response as well as warns of potential problems.  Inquiry messages can be responded to directly from the system management screen.  Detailed message interrogation is performed down to the job level.  Job Queue depth interrogation is available to send an alert when the queue exceeds a number of jobs over a specified period of time.

The initial set up can be completed in under an hour.  An SSL connection is established to send your data to an FOI server housed in a data center that provides a secure environment and 24/7 infrastructure. 

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Pricing starts at $150 per month. Discounting available for multiple partitions. 


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