Sunset iSeries – Archive

Sunset iSeries or Archive

Here's something we are hearing more about these days, "Sunset iSeries or Archive data"

What does this mean exactly? 

Some companies have decided to get off the iSeries platform but need to store their data in a secure environment that is readily accessible and backed up on a regular basis.  The terms Sunset iSeries or Archive are used interchangeably.

Depending on the type of business, companies may need to periodically access information provided, via complex inquiry screens or reports for 7-10 years.  Or, they are slowly transferring data to their new applications. The company's iSeries is Sunset and the data is archived in the Cloud for inquiry only (i.e., no updates.)  But, it’s not just the data that is needed but the application as well.

Why the application? 

Because the file relationships and business rules for complex inquiry screens and reports are in the CL and RPG programs.  In most cases, duplicating this logic by writing queries to gather and present the same data may not possible.  Worse, it could result in creating bugs generating auditor questions and requests for more information.

Why don’t these companies convert history?

Any programmer that has ever worked on a complex history conversion will tell you that it is typically very time intensive which makes it expensive.  They’ll also tell you it may not be 100%.  Functionality differences between the two systems will dictate the degree of accuracy.   

What’s the solution?

Move your application and data to a First Option secure IBM i.  First Option has been hosting applications and data for close to twenty years and partners with a major data center in New York. We cater to the small to medium sized business with a focus on customer service and satisfaction. 

First Option hosting solutions provides a secure and reliable environment to install and execute your application. We also provide world class professional services to maintain and enhance your existing software. You can choose the level of service that best suits your business requirements. 

  We provide the following: 

Helpdesk Services:
  • We maintain User Profiles and Maintenance.
  • Printer assignment and restarts.
  • Resolve locked up and runaway jobs.
  • IBM PTF's (fixes).
  • Nightly back ups.
  • Confirmation of back ups.
Operational Services - Performed several times daily:
  • Systems are up and operational.
  • No problems reported from peripherals.
  • Error Detection.
  • Disk functionality and utilization.
  • Problem determinations, resolutions, escalations.

If you decide to Sunset your iSeries, we provide an affordable monthly rate and up to three user profiles to access your data. Or if you are still using the iSeries platform you can move to the cloud at a great ROI. 

Here's a great article on why you should move to Cloud Hosting or Archive your Data.