Tips for Searching the Knowledge Base

Helpful Tips for Knowledge Base

The best way to search the Knowledge Base is to use "quotation marks".

Once you sign in to the support center, make sure you have clicked on Knowledge Base and then type your search request. Don't do the search request from the main support page. The results are not as targeted since it is searching the whole site not just Knowledge Base database.

Try and keep it as simple as possible.

For example:

You need to void a check.
Type "void check" in search field

Here are your results:

Or you want the steps to print 1099's
Type "1099"

Here are your results:

Lastly, you have an issue with accounting period.
Type "accounting period"

The First Option Financial Software Knowledge Base has over 200 entries that cover frequently asked questions, common procedures, and year end activities. The knowledge base is an excellent reference tool if you are looking up a procedure that you only do once in a while, like setting up a new user profile. You can search on your previous tickets, search entries in each application or submit a query on the topic you are looking for.