Version 10.1 of GUI Financial Software

IBM i Modernization

GUI Financial Software

Version 10.1 of GUI Financial Software is available and has been in production for over year.  If you have not already installed 10.1, you can install it with the instructions below.  Please note that if you are a hosting customer you will not need to install the license key.

Not on the GUI Financial Software and would like a quote? OR want to upgrade to the hosted version of the financial software?

A couple of quick notes:

1.)   The user will not see any differences to the application.  This is an upgrade to looksoftware and migration work has been completed and tested.
2.)   Version 9.0 and 10.1 can be installed on a PC. Although, once you have installed and run the application for a week it is suggested that the 9.0 icon be removed from the users desktop.
3.)    If you are using Adobe Acrobat toolbar on your internet explorer browser, please remove it.
4.)    It is best to install this on one PC first then after a successful installation and testing, install the application on all PC's.

For Hosted GUI Financial Customers:


For IBM i Installed Customers:

1) Enter a ticket on FOI Helpdesk and request your permanent version 10.1 IBM i license key.