IBM i Modernization

Interesting article regarding modernization. It's not just about changing the green screen.

Article by David Shirey via MC Press online

Below is  First Option's approach to Application development.

Should you re-write your existing IBM i (iSeries) application using a language other than RPG OR move to a different software solution?

As technology becomes more advanced and modifications are needed to move the company forward, integrating additional functionality into these legacy applications requires resources with experience in the old and new technologies. As the original OS or hardware legacy application was developed on (such as IBM iSeries in our example) has newer versions, leveraging the new data base and programming features of the new version of the OS is extremely important.  The problem is finding a team that can integrate the new modifications into the existing IBM i (iSeries) application.

In most cases these ‘legacy’ applications are feature rich with complex business rules. A total re-write could be an investment measured in years and millions of dollars.   The expense does not end with the IT cost but continues with the disruption of your organization in terms of training and may include new processes and procedures influenced by the technology shift instead of your business needs.

The alternative is to modernize your software using First Option IBM i (iSeries) Application Modernization Development Services.  Our experienced development team can lead your staff through the modernization process or take full project responsibility.  In the initial pass, a graphical user interface (GUI), desktop integration, and links to core business web sites (e.g. company help desk, company blog, etc.) can easily be accomplished.  In the more advanced phases, the ability to consume web services, integrate java scripts and java programs is within your grasp.  Combined with First Option Hosting services it is possible to modernize and move your IBM i (iSeries) application into the cloud.