First Option IBM i (iSeries) Accounting Software

IBM i (iSeries)  Accounting Software by First Option

Every success story has its foundations in challenges and failures, and nothing great can be achieved without perseverance and hard work. This particularly applies to small business owners who are just starting out and established businesses navigating an uncertain economy.

It is critical that small businesses and larger organizations find new customers and retain those customers. Growing sales revenue and increasing profits depends upon successfully performing these activities on a daily basis. Organizing the business’ structure for efficient operations and mirroring that structure in your financial application is the key to making smart decisions. To accomplish this, the accounting software package must reflect the company’s organization and integrate into your well-planned and established structure.

First Option Financials subscription based accounting software solutions provides a number of options to meet your budgetary and business requirements. Even better, the system is scalable so that as you grow, the accounting application can accommodate all your needs. What’s more, our financial applications are managed in the Cloud, which allows for faster and efficient processing and data transfer.

What Makes First Option IBM i (iSeries) Financials Different?

First Option Financials integrate seamlessly into your order and billing applications and is supported by an online help desk that is equipped with over 200 knowledge base items and manuals along with videos-based training. In case your queries cannot be answered by the help desk, we will take the initiative to resolve those queries through one of the immensely experienced IT professionals at our disposal.

Furthermore, all your data is stored on an IBM i (iSeries), a reliable business computing platform that has stood the test of time because of its ability to deliver feature-rich business applications. We guarantee that your system will always be available and running when you require it.

Here are some of the core financial application tools that are included in our First Option Financials small business packages:

  • Accounts Payable: Highly efficient, accessible data entry applications that are as user-friendly as they are accurate. These applications have the ability to verify all data input online and also preventing redundancy, thus significantly reducing the possibility of errors in processing.
  • General Ledger: This is an integral part of the First Option Financials system. This applications collects data from all integrated systems and validates it to form a comprehensive database which serves as a base for all financial analysis related to the business.
  • Accounts Receivable: This application is used to manage the credit-based accounts and to assist the credit department of your company.
  • Purchasing: This tool offers the purchaser several options when it comes to effective information retrieval that accompanies a typical purchasing function.
  • Inventory: An application for efficient inventory management for the business.

These are some of the core applications provided with our financials software solutions that will strengthen your business’ backbone that is the accounting department. You can rely on First Option IBM i (iSeries) Financials to take care of your accounting needs, whether you are a small or a mid-sized business.


Find out what makes First Option IBM i (iSeries) Accounting Software a great choice for your small to mid-sized business.

IBM i (iSeries) Accounting Software