Q: What is First Option IBM i Application Hosting?

A: First Option IBM i Application Hosting allows you to rent ‘space’ on a First Option IBM i Power System to install and execute your IBM i based applications.

Q: How do I deal with authorization codes for the applications?

A: The application vendors are contacted and provided the appropriate system information to generate the appropriate authorization code(s.)

Q: What about my maintenance application maintenance fees?

A: In many cases your application maintenance fees do not change. If the application fee is tier level based, First Option will attempt to place you on an IBM i on the same tier.

Q: How do I connect to my application(s)?

A: Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the internet.

Q: Who sets up the VPN?

A: A First Option Network administrator contacts your Network Administrator to make the appropriate configuration changes to both firewalls

Q: What about backups?

A: First Option takes responsibility for daily and monthly backups.

Q: What happens if I cannot connect to my application?

A: First Option provides a service level agreement that specifies that your IBM i will be available 24x7x365 except for scheduled maintenance.

Q: Who is a good candidate for First Option IBM i Application Hosting?

A: Small and medium sized companies who want to focus on their core business and get out of the IT business.

Q: How can I learn more about First Option IBM i Application Hosting?

A: You may contact sales@localhost.

Q: What is IBM i Watchdog by First Option?

A: IBM i Watchdog is a java based application that collects key health indicators of an IBM i.

Q: What are some of the checks that are performed?

A: System problems, halt messages, tape drive status, DASD, CPU percentage and disk status.

Q: How often are these checks performed?

A: The alert times are customized to your system needs.

Q: How am I or my staff alerted to potential problems?

A: You can choose to be alerted by email which can be forwarded to your cell phone.

Q: Who is a good candidate for IBM i Watchdog?

A: Small and medium sized businesses who do not have IBM i monitoring software should strongly consider this option.

Q: How involved is the installation?

A: There is a questionnaire that provides more information about your system(s). Once that is completed, the software is picked up from the FOI FTP site and installed. This installation takes approximately 15 minutes

Q: How can I learn more about IBM i Watchdog

A: You may contact sales@localhost for a free demo.

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